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Want to get fit, try BFIT.
At BFIT we offer group training classes, basic exercise for beginners, Strength and conditioning, as well as youth athletic development programs. No matter what your goal is we have something for you.

At BFIT we promote FITNESS as a LIFESTYLE, whether through personal training sessions or one of our Youth Development Programs. With an holistic approach our goal is to create PERMANENT CHANGE!

NASM, ISSA Certified Fittness Instructor
Nutrition Specialist
Wellness Coach
Physical Therapy 
Sport Specific Trainer
Founder of BIG DREAMS YOUTH inc.

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BFIT BIG Dreams is a non-profit organization
with a mission to foster the physical, mental, and social development of youth through diverse experiences to broaden their horizons, empower their minds, and allow them to dream big. A team of passionate professionals who have dedicated their lives to making a difference. Founded in 2020. Check out our Enrichment Camp Series and other community engaging events. 







Charlotte, NC 28208

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